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Grand Celebration of Anniversary of Xsosys Technology (S) Pte. Ltd.
17 Oct 2010

17th October 2010, was marked by the grand celebration of anniversary of Xsosys Technology (S) Pte Ltd. Amidst the cherished invitees and the superb Xsosys staff and team members the celebration, was yet another remarkable event in the history of Xsosys.

The Sea View Condo Management System ( The Sea View -40 Amber Road)
15 Oct 2010

During the Second week of October 2010 the scheduled launch of the Data base management software developed for the Sea view condo mangement System,( 40 Amber Road, Singapore), took place successfully. As the name suggests the software is one of the efficient and customized database management products, exclusively developed keeping in mind the product utility and the requirement of the client.

Launch of Xsomas (
27 Sep 2010

The launch of the most awaited Xsomas marked another milestone in the journey of Xsosys. Xsomas is straight forward easy to use email software, with a user friendly design, without any confusing menus and procedures. The product targeted at professionals and on-line store owners, facilitate to notify the customers about various events and send requested newsletters and promote new products and services, thus enabling the user to efficiently utilize the online marketing processes to its fullest extent.

Launch of Entreprenuer & Prefessional Portal ( - Forth Coming News
18 Apr 2011

April 2011 shall mark another milestone in the Xsosys history. The Entrepreneurship development through internet seminar, organized by Xsosys along with the valuable associations and cooperation of local bodies is scheduled to take place during the middle week of April. 2011. Intended to throw light on the related aspects and enlighten the aspiring prospective Entrepreneurs with genuine and relevant information, the event is sure to unfold critical information that every entrepreneur should be aware of.