XSOSYS is a dynamic & professionally specialized company in web development, web site designing and software development, based in Singapore. Backed up with a solid work force and professional experience of more than two decades, we cater to clients all over Singapore and around. We cater to almost all needs in web development, software development and multimedia. Our highly skilled, experienced and integrated team comprising of web consultants, creative web developers, graphic designers, copywriters, programmers are committed in providing a wide range of services suitable for your needs, no matter whether you are looking for your web initiative or offline initiative.
Intra Asia Trading Pte. Ltd. Intra Asia Trading Pte. Ltd.

Intra Asia Trading Pte Ltd. (IAT), a company, engaged in trading of good and services, registered in Singapore, is promoted by Mr.Pesaladinne Mallikarjuna Reddy, a technocrat with distinction in Engineering, who has considerable experience in the international trade. The company continuously earned profit ever since inception. During the year 2011, IAT was ranked 576 among top 1000 large companies in Singapore as per report compiled by DP Information Group. IAT was also rated as one among the fastest growing 50 companies in Singapore for the third consecutive year 2011.The company has a share holders equity of 28.02 Million USD, as at 31st MARCH ’12. The company is actively involved in international trading of diversified products. Core areas of business are, Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID)/Telecommunication equipment, Bar-Coding Equipment, Transmission Towers, Steel Products and Agri Products. The company has a steady growth and achieved a turnover of 454.10 Million USD, for the period Year ended 31st March 2011.
Emile Car Driving School Emile Car Driving School - America

Emile Driving School has been given certification by the registry of motor vehicles to provide exceptional driving instruction and safety training to individuals ages 16 and up. At Emile’s driving school, we set up classrooms that allow students to obtain very personal attention from their instructors. Driving instructor Joseph Emile Marsan has more than 30 years of experience working with teens and adults. Driving instructor speaks English, French, and Kreyol. Thanks to his experience, he knows what it takes to train good drivers. Our class focuses on safety and defensive driving Take your phone and give us a call today, one of our staff members will assist you in making the first step towardsgetting your driver’s license.
Winston Engineering  Corporation Winston Engineering Corporation Pte. Ltd.

Specialising in pump technology we have been established since 1977 –we have a network of branches and subsidiaries throughout Indonesia, Malaysia, China and Singapore. We provide pumps for applications requiring municipal & plumbing works, sewerage treatment, waste water disposal, air conditioning and the oil, gas and petroleum industries as well as covering general industrial pumping applications such as chemical transfer. Our pumps range from centrifugal, reciprocating, high pressure and vacuum type pumps.
Easy Topup Solutions Pte. Ltd. Easy Topup Solutions Pte. Ltd.

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