XSOSYS is a dynamic & professionally specialized company in web development, web site designing and software development, based in Singapore. Backed up with a solid work force and professional experience of more than two decades, we cater to clients all over Singapore and around. We cater to almost all needs in web development, software development and multimedia. Our highly skilled, experienced and integrated team comprising of web consultants, creative web developers, graphic designers, copywriters, programmers are committed in providing a wide range of services suitable for your needs, no matter whether you are looking for your web initiative or offline initiative.
MGI N Rajan Associates MGI N Rajan Associates

MGI N Rajan Associates, Certified Public Accountants is a member of MGI International, London. MGI is a leading worldwide association of independent auditing, accounting and consulting firms with 200 offices in more than 70 countries. All MGI members offer personalized services, with high partner contact, both locally and internationally. MGI N Rajan Associates, Singapore, offers expertise in the areas of audit, Taxation and Merchant Banking through a qualified team of professionals who have a century of experience between them.
Cherish Delights Cherish Delights

Cherish Delights was established in 1996 Our reputation is founded on quality and a professional approach to each customer we can tailor any of our services to suit your requirements and preferences for any occasion Whatever you have in mind, be it formal or informal, large or small, you can trust us to provide a friendly and efficient service. Good Food Quality in our catering services, we have a wide range of customized signature menus and different mouth-watering cuisine for our customers to enjoy. Indulge in our specialties Satay. signature Mee Siam, signature Iaksa. curry chicken, chilli crab, Japanese sushi, barbecue split roast Iamb, French pastries & much more.
Motley Resources Motley Resources

Motley Resources is Singapore based company incorporated in year 2004 with a present paid up of SGD 0.5M. The Company with its headquarters in Singapore is a leading exporter / importer of agro-products / commodities. The company has been actively trading in agro-products viz., Raw Cashew-Nuts, Soya beans, Ginger, Turmeric, Shea nuts, Cassia, Sesame, Groundnuts and Rice . Since year 2004, Motley has been successful in making a dent in the international trade.
Universal Peace Foundation Singapore Universal Peace Foundation Singapore

Every living being strives for happiness in its own way, only the ways of seeking happiness varying according to maturity of intellect. The Universal Primordial energy which is basic substance for all living beings is Kundalini. The ancient system of yoga is founded based on how to make use of this primordial energy for leading a life to manifest the purpose of every humans birth. Ours is an effort towards taking this wonderful science for those interested minds for the welfare for oneself and all. UPF is a worldwide organization.